Oh snap! It's Pico-Guac

There's unlimited Pico-Guac in heaven. That's a fact.


The Döner

Turkish sandwiches gone wild


The Egg

Basic ingredients can make stellar meals

Mmmmmmmm, Steak

Tips for the perfect grilled steak


Cheddar Parmesean Biscuits

Ay yo, it's got cheese and butter and shit

PaperPlate Chef

As a regional foodie that travels the northwest and discovers the food artisans are creating everyday from Seattle, to Portland, to Spokane, to Anchorage. As I visit these metro areas and the space between, I am continually inspired by the food and stories that I encounter and the culture that comes with it. Being based out of the greater Seattle area, I can go from ocean to the high altitude volcanic cascade mountain range in 28.4 miles, and within this sliver of land is deep rooted agriculture, world class fisheries, metro farmers markets, and rural farming communities. Due to this diversity of the landscape and unique people within this condensed region, it surprises me continually on how many individual subcultures there are, in what I call – The best kept secret in North America: The Great Northwest.

So as you enjoy the food and places I get to discover, please don’t hesitate to reach out and share your passion for food, travel, & life… So let’s see what gets created. Thanks for joining me.

– The Paperplate Chef

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