Traveled up to LaConner, Washington yesterday. On the way, there is a small fish market and Garden stand that has very few but – top-of-the-line fish! The wild halibut that I grabbed there yesterday was absolutely - phenomenally fresh! This is one of three 1/2 pound fillets...I roasted it with thyme, Grass-fed butter, and lemon... I paired it with potato gnocchi in a Tom Kah inspired portobello, lime, & bone broth sauce. #paperplatechef #WildHalibut #laconnerwashington #NorthPugetSound #SeattleFood #TomKah #thaiinspired #Gnocchi #Yummy #Mouthwatering
September 4, 2016

Roasted Wild Halibut -&- Ginger, Portobello & Lemongrass Tom Kha Gnocchi

The discovery.... The pacific northwest is full of nooks and crannies that open up my heart and mind to amazing wonders, and there is a town north of Seattle about 67.2 miles, that does just that....called LaConner, Washington. LaConner sits inside a little inlet, of…
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April 1, 2016


Pico-Guac The foundation of southwest cuisine consists of 2 parts: Pico de gallo Guacamole These ingredients when executed correctly can elevate a dish from good to great! – I mean come on, think about it,. When you have had a good “chips & salsa” or…
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